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Archived: HomMed Unveils LifeStream™ 4.11 and Offers New Test Pin Option

Archived ReleaseOctober 31, 2013HomMed, a leader in telehealth and remote patient care, today unveiled the newest version (4.11) of its LifeStream™ Manager – the company’s core healthcare-provider facing application – featuring new features and benefits, as well as a new Test Pin option to allow care providers to test LifeStream Manager and LifeStream Connect software within their IT environments to ensure compatibility.

Designed to further enhance clinical productivity, LifeStream 4.11 includes a series of changes to the scheduling functions to simplify the processes related to managing patients and allow clinicians to potentially manage a wider patient population in less time, while also allowing for more customized reporting on patient conditions to enhance the overall medical value of the patient record.

“We know home health agencies need to provide high quality patient care, delivered in the most cost-effective way,” said John Bojanowski, president of HomMed.  “The newest version of LifeStream gives care providers a unified, easy-to-use platform through which they can achieve those goals.”

LifeStream 4.11 features the following new specific benefits for care providers:

  • Scheduling Multiple Patients:  Using this new tool, care providers can create schedules for multiple patients as opposed to changing them on an individual patient basis;
  • Extending Individual Patient Schedules: Streamlines scheduling process by allowing care providers to create multi-week schedules as opposed to changing schedules every week;
  • Improved Workflow & LifeStream Services:  Reduces the steps required for care providers to admit patients, while expanding the amount and type of information that can be included in the patient record; and
  • Out-of-the-Box Remote Programmability:  Upon delivery of new or used monitors, the care provider’s LifeStream database is updated to make the monitors immediately available for remote programmability, reducing time needed to install devices in a patient’s home.

In addition to the new features and benefits available through LifeStream 4.11, HomMed is also now offering a new “Test Pins” option for IT departments who require testing environments for new software products prior to implementation into their organization.

The new Test Pins program provides the following:

  • Options for temporary or permanent testing environments;
  • Flexible data options with access to preloaded and anonimized data sets that can be used for a 30-90 day timeframe or send data from a real monitor into the system; and
  • Standard billing and notification processes.

“As the healthcare industry makes the move toward becoming technology-centric for the management of patient health records and data, the need for more stringent software testing environments will become imperative,” said Bojanowski.  “We believe that implementing the new Test Pins option will help to meet the IT needs of our customers.”

The LifeStream Management Suite

Designed to maximize clinician workflow efficiency while providing a robust care provider/patient interface, HomMed’s LifeStream Management Suite gives care providers the ability to customize patient care plans and view patient data – all from a single clinical dashboard.  The LifeStream Management Suite includes four software applications:

  • LifeStream™ Manager 4.11 interoperably manages all of HomMed’s in-home patient monitors from a single dashboard, allowing one healthcare provider to effectively monitor up to 150 patients’ data at any one time.  LifeStream Manager also allows healthcare providers to customize which biometrics are collected from patients and when, increasing overall patient compliance to levels.  Other features include the ability to view indicator flags when real-time patient data falls out of acceptable ranges, immediately alerting healthcare providers to patients whose data points indicate triage intervention is necessary.
  • LifeStream™ Connect:  With the widest selection of interfaces to standard electronic health records (EHR), electronic medical records (EMR) and other point-of-care applications, LifeStream Connect’s HL7 interface ensures efficient exchange of clinical data in a single platform, eliminating data entry redundancy and errors.  Using LifeStream Connect, healthcare providers can use a unified application for patient monitoring and no longer have to switch between disparate systems, ensuring a consistently accurate view of patient health.
  • LifeStream™ Analytics:  Offering powerful analytical tools for healthcare providers to better manage work flows, LifeStream Analytics generates customizable reports that provide the capability to track patient outcomes and patient load for each care provider, as well as hospital admissions – and readmissions – based on patient diagnosis, and other selectable factors.  It also generates reports that allow healthcare providers to improve patient care by assessing patient profiling trends, device status and utilization, and asset management.
  • LifeStream™ View:  Providing secure access to patient information via the Internet, LifeStream View ensures patients, families and healthcare providers have the ability to view a current picture of the patient’s health status at any time – anywhere they have an internet connection.  It also allows patient data points to be organized into tabs and graphs that can be used to help identify trends in the patient’s overall health.

About this Archived Release
This archived release is provided for historical reference only. Life Care Solutions, formerly HomMed, is now a Resideo company.

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