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Archived: HomMed’s Genesis DM™ v4.15 Provides New Peripheral Options for Enhanced Health Management

Archived — October 14, 2014 — HomMed, a leader in telehealth and remote patient care, today unveiled the newest version of its Genesis DM™ remote patient monitor, which features new peripheral devices, including a handrail scale option for bariatric patients or patients who require additional stability while taking vital signs, as well as new glucometer options.

Designed for use at a patient’s home for continuous health monitoring, the newest version of the Genesis DM with its enhanced peripherals provides greater access to health information, enhancing efficiency and improving patient outcomes.

“Continuing to expand the peripheral devices supported by our Genesis family of monitors allows us to address the evolving needs of a greater patient population,” said John Bojanowski, President of HomMed. “With these latest peripheral additions, our home health agency customers will be able to address population health management initiatives in a broader context.”

To address the needs of bariatric patient populations, the Genesis DM supports a new Bluetooth Handrail scale from industry leader NCI Technologies under the Accuro brand name, which features up to 1000-lb weight capacity, larger platforms to stand on and ergonometric hand rails for additional support. The scale also features wireless functionality, to allow for placement in patient’s homes wherever it is convenient for the patient. In addition, the Genesis DM now interfaces with newer Roche IR automatic glucometers, for diabetic patient populations.

The Genesis DM telehealth device measures vital signs such as heart rate, blood pressure, weight, and SPO2, and provides customizable subjective disease-related inquiries for a more complete picture of patient health. The Genesis DM includes the following features and benefits:

Flexible patient installation and operations

  • Comprehensive user interface for quick, easy set-up at the patient site;
  • Web enabled Phone line connection for automatic downloads of patient specific disease management content, updates and prompts; and
  • Works seamlessly without a landline connection. Wireless GPRS communications option provides enhanced cellular connectivity, simple setup and improves content download speeds.

Robust security for enhanced peace of mind: Protects private health information via industry-proven encryption to ensure that patient- identifiable data is not stored on the device or transmitted.

End to end patient care: Patient specific messages and reminders help patients keep track of medical appointments and other important events.

Breadth of standard language options: To eliminate patient language barriers, the Genesis DM features verbal and written language support include English (male/female), French, Spanish (male/female), Italian, German, Portuguese, French Canadian, Russian, Polish, Armenian, Welsh, Hindi, Urdu, Bengali, Punjabi and Dutch.

As with all Genesis personal health devices, the Genesis DM is supported on the healthcare provider side by the LifeStream Management Suite, which seamlessly integrates the patient’s device-collected information and other point-of-care applications into a single cloud-based platform, allowing patients, families and healthcare providers easy, secure access to patient information via the Internet.

About HomMed:
This archived release is provided for informational purposes only.
HomMed is now Life Care Solutions, a Resideo Technologies, Inc., company.