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Genesis DM

With more than 70,000 units, our network of remote patient monitors is one of the most complete and flexible telemonitoring systems available. Accurate vital signs collection is improved with clear auditory and visual cues to the patient. Voice-enabled, disease-specific symptom management (DSSM) questions (including multi-level questions triggered by yes or no answers) enables care providers to telemonitor patients facing chronic diseases like hypertension, COPD, CHF, diabetes and more.

The Genesis DM telemonitor continues to integrate with the LifeStream clinical dashboard to empower care providers within healthcare systems, physician offices, or home health agencies with web-enabled, on-demand access to this configurable device. Wireless connectivity with a range of peripheral devices supports patients with a variety of the needs and risk factors. The consistent performance of this classic monitor helps ensure essential monitoring needs, without technology complications, while meeting a variety of budgets and needs.

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    Flexible Installation and Operation

    • An award-winning user interface promotes an easy patient monitoring session.
    • Automatic downloads enable customized disease management content, firmware updates and new prompts
    • An automatic set-up wizard helps adjust monitor settings on site, or remotely.
    • An optional cellular modem provides enhanced connectivity, setup and download speeds.

    Robust Security for Enhanced Peace of Mind

    • Industry-proven encryption helps ensure identifiable patient data is not stored or transmitted.
    • A factory default reset function allows the monitor to be reset and reassigned.

    End-to-End Patient Care

    • Patient messaging helps patients remember medical appointments and other health events.
    • Pinpointing disease-specific symptoms, education is provided based on patient answers to questions.
  • The Genesis DM Pro/DM Pro BP monitor is a Class II, type BF device that collects vital sign data from medical devices and connects to LifeStream via an external cellular modem.

    Standard languages include English (male/female), French, Spanish (male/female), Italian, German, Portuguese, French Canadian, Russian, Polish, Armenian, Welsh, Hindi, Urdu, Bengali, Punjabi and Dutch.

  • The Genesis DM telemonitor has remained consistently compatible with LifeStream, our clinical dashboard, which displays a consolidated view of patient information to help care providers effectively telemonitor patients and make informed clinical decisions.

    Although compatibility is available for the Genesis DM monitor, a 2008 medical design award winner, the latest features such as Video Visits, Custom Questions and Video Education are available only from the Genesis Touch remote patient monitor.

  • Genesis DM connects to a variety of patient monitoring devices via wireless (Bluetooth and Infrared) and wired interfaces, and a complete kit is available for direct shipment, with pre-installed peripherals ready to go.

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