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LifeStream Analytics

LifeStream Analytics makes it easier to deliver return on investment (ROI) information on your telehealth program. With LifeStream Analytics, you’ll be able to make accurate and informed decisions with regard to patient care and resource management. That means appreciable cost savings resulting from optimized operations. It also means you’ll be better able to manage workflows, track outcomes, manage program assets and patient loads, and identify trends.No more settling for educated guesses. LifeStream Analytics provides valuable data delivered on demand – in formats that work for your organization.

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  • Features
  • Specifications
  • Integrated LifeStream Solution
  • Compatible Devices
  • Improve Outcomes

    • Measure the success of your telehealth/ telecare program by evaluating outcomes reporting – customized based on the needs of your organization.
    • Explore patient profiles across multiple variables to identify data trends to inform and enhance care.
    • Prioritize and assess patients’ clinical needs based on their trends over time.
    • Manage larger patient populations with greater efficiency.

    Drive Program Efficiencies

    • Track device utilization, status, and asset management to identify and enhance operational efficiencies.
    • Optimize clinical staffing based on volume and usage.
    • Utilize trend data across patient populations to drive standardized care across patients and reduce variance.
    • Share customized reports with care providers, insurers, and the full care continuum.

    Exploration of Data

    • Flexibility for on-demand and scheduled reports & access to any data elements stored in LifeStream.
    • Create reports based on any user-defined parameters and time intervals and save reports for edits and reuse.
    • Schedule data extractions to run automatically.
    • Mark frequently used queries as favorites.
    • Export data into multiple formats for import into third-party tools or for emailing/faxing/archiving.
  • LifeStream is a thick client powered by a web-enabled platform that you can install and access anytime and anywhere you have an internet connection, and can be used in combination with LifeStream Web deployments.

  • LifeStream Analytics leverages the power of all the applications in the LifeStream Management Suite:

    • LifeStream Manager / LifeStream Web
    • LifeStream Connect
  • ll of the Honeywell Life Care Solutions telehealth & telecare patient monitors are compatible with Lifestream including:

    • Genesis Touch
    • Genesis DM Pro BP