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Clinical Support

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Customer Information Bulletins

August 6, 2019

LifeStream v5.5 and Genesis Touch v3.8 Available

A Genesis Touch v3.8 patient monitor upgrade is available for all Resideo Life Care Solutions customers using compatible tablets, with a serial number starting with A2, A3 or A5.

LifeStream v5.5 system updates have also been deployed and users of the LifeStream Manager Windows Application should accept a small software update while logging in to the application. This update does not add new features or functionality.

LifeStream Web is required to utilize all new LifeStream 5.5 features, including new Billing Reports. Visit our upgrade site to learn more about our new LifeStream Web platform. Customers upgrading now through the end of the year are eligible for new subscriptions and specials to help your organization remain up to date.

Genesis Touch v3.8 Updates
We’ve redesigned the look and feel of the Genesis Touch v3.8 (system overview sheet) to make it easier for patients to use, while ensuring user workflow consistency. Our refreshed user interface has been designed to meet accessibility guidelines and improve the monitoring experience for patients.

Directly download our updated Genesis Touch manual to review the latest information. A revised patient instruction guide is also available.

The Genesis Touch is also compatible with additional Bluetooth LE peripheral medical devices. Refer to the Peripherals section of the new user manual for the latest compatibility charts.

Customize the Genesis Touch background, for an aesthetically pleasing display while the remote patient monitor is idle, between monitoring sessions.

Mobile Device Manager (MDM) – Enable automatic Genesis Touch software updates on an access-controlled Android Operating System. Verizon MDM must be factory installed and will be available on all new tablets orders, and with LifeStream subscription packages. Contact your Territory Manager to learn how we are making hardware and software management easier for all customers.

Customer Training Webinars – Check your inbox for an invitation to a clinical webinar next week, or register now to save your seat at the webinar. This upcoming training webinar highlights recent product updates, while providing additional information about our LifeStream Web platform transition. The webinar will include a Q&A with Clinical Consultants and Customer Service representatives, as well as your LifeStream Product Manager.

Additional communication will be provided in our live webinars, from the Help menu of LifeStream, and directly to you via email. For any questions, contact your Territory Manager, Clinical Consultant, or Life Care Solutions customer service at 1-888-353-5404.

November 30, 2018

LifeStream View: End of Life Notification

Life Care Solutions strives to provide up to date and efficient technical support for our customers. In doing so, sometimes it is necessary to discontinue support for legacy products in order to effectively support the latest technologies with updated system requirements.

This bulletin is to advise that starting as early as December 31, 2018 server infrastructure supporting LifeStream View will be discontinued, effectively ending all LifeStream View services and support in 2019.

Life Care Solutions plans to deploy an updated network infrastructure in support of our upcoming LifeStream v5.4 upgrade, and we will sunset LifeStream View services. LifeStream View has been an optional add-on to LifeStream, supporting the creation of read-only data portals by authorized care providers.

We value you as an ongoing customer and we are providing this notice to help reduce any inconvenience this scheduled service discontinuation will cause. Please contact your territory sales manager or clinical consultant for more information, or to learn more about making the transition to our LifeStream Web platform.

November 29, 2018

LifeStream Windows Application Update Advisory

In January 2019, Life Care Solutions plans to deploy a security update for all customers using our LifeStream Windows application. This upgrade must be installed within 60 days of deployment in order to prevent service disruptions.

You are receiving this notice because one or more computers at your organization has logged in with LifeStream software older than one year, which may indicate automatic software updates have been bypassed or disabled. Please view our FAQ on this upcoming software update to learn more. You may access our customer portal to download the latest LifeStream software installer, as required.

Microsoft .NET Framework v4.7.2 will be required to run the LifeStream application, and an installer will be bundled with our LifeStream software update in January. Due to this requirement, LifeStream software may only be run on the following Microsoft Windows Operating Systems:

  • Microsoft Windows 7 (Service Pack 1 Required)
  • Microsoft Windows 8.1 (Windows 8.1 Update Required)
  • Microsoft Windows 10

Customers running LifeStream v4.11 or older, will be asked to update their software in order to log in immediately after LifeStream v5.4 is released in Q1, 2019. All other customers must upgrade software within 60 days of the upcoming release, by logging in and accepting any automatic upgrades.

Life Care Solutions is providing this notice for IT contacts in your organization, to assist with checking overall system readiness. We encourage you to share this information with the appropriate contacts at your organization, and to consider making the transition to LifeStream’s Web interface for instant access to the latest features and much more.

July 15, 2018

Honeywell Customer Service encourages timely installation of a new Android Operating System update, deployed by Verizon Wireless. This update is available on compatible Genesis Touch monitors, with a serial number beginning with A3.

This system update has been verified by Honeywell, and provides various network connectivity enhancements. Acceptance of this over-the-air update helps prevent future cellular service disruptions while addressing an issue requiring a manual Global Network Settings reset on select monitors. Before updating, ensure your Genesis Touch is plugged in, and connected to a stable cellular or Wi-Fi connection.

Follow these instructions to check for an update. The monitor will restart and return to the Vitals Now / Home screen when the update completes. After the monitor restarts, repeat the instructions to check for another system upgrade. Remember to turn off the Do Not Disturb setting following a successful Android Operating System installation, as instructed.

July 2, 2018

Customers should be advised that plain-old-telephone services remain scheduled for permanent disconnection on July 2, 2018. By this date, all active monitors must be connected to a Cellular Bridge Modem in order to continue transmitting data to LifeStream.

If you are connecting a monitor to a wall jack or are in need of additional Cellular Bridge Modems, an express order form is available, enabling selection of:

Cellular Bridge Modem Rental
Cellular Bridge Modem Purchase

Cellular Bridge Modems connect to the modem port on a Honeywell telemonitor. Reference our information sheet for more detail on how to use and configure the modems.

November 15, 2017

  • End of Life Announcement: Card reader, card writer, and kiosk
  • End of Service and End of Support Announcement: ID card

Effective immediately, Honeywell Life Care Solutions will no longer sell or service card readers, card writers, ID cards or kiosks.  You may continue using them if you choose; however, if you experience technical issues repair and replacement will not be possible. If you are interested in purchasing a card writer or reader in the future, please contact the following vendors:

  • Card readers: Electrone Americas
  • Card writers: ITSCO

January 31, 2017

End of Service Life Notice: Genesis and Sentry (Non-RPA, RPA) Monitors; Martech and Fairbanks Scales

At Honeywell, we strive to provide up to date and efficient technical support for our customers. In doing so, sometimes it is necessary to discontinue support for legacy products in order to effectively support the latest technologies.

This bulletin is to advise that effective immediately, repair parts for the following devices are out of stock and no longer available.
Customers looking to repair these devices will need to upgrade to newer technology devices.

The following devices can no longer be serviced or repaired:

  • Sentry and Sentry RPA monitors
  • Fairbanks Scales
  • Genesis and Genesis RPA monitors
  • Martech (HomMed) Scales

Honeywell Life Care Solutions values you as an ongoing customer, and we look forward to continuing our relationship. Please contact your territory sales manager or clinical consultant who can assist you with additional information and options.


The following samples are provided for informational purposes only. Content is not intended to be used as professional medical advice, nor does it attempt to define any intervention, health care policy or procedures.

C5000.02 – Telemonitoring Guidelines_Heart Failure Follow Up M1510

C5001.02 – Telemonitoring Guidelines_Setting Vital Sign Parameters


The following samples are provided for informational purposes only. Content is not intended to be used as professional medical advice, nor does it attempt to define any intervention, health care policy or procedures.

C2210.11 – Honeywell Life Care Solutions Telehealth Program Implementation Guide


The following samples are provided for informational purposes only. Content is not intended to be used as professional medical advice, nor does it attempt to define any intervention, health care policy or procedures. Refer to our user manuals for the latest information.

C3001.03 Telemonitoring System Competency

C3002.04 LifeStream Application Competency

C3003.02 LifeStream Connect Competency

C3004.02 LifeStream View Competency

C3006.02 LifeStream Analytics Competency

C3007.03 Genesis Touch Competency

C3008.03 Genesis Touch Video Competency

Note: This section catalogs training from earlier releases for reference only and contains dated information. Check with your Clinical Consultant for a more recent training module. Help is available directly from your LifeStream Help menu.

You may be asked to enter your name and email address to access webinar archives and recordings.

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Genesis Touch Acquiring Vitals Signs Training

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Introducing LifeStream Web v5.3 (8/22) See a live demo of what’s new and learn more.

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LifeStream MobileHelp

LifeStream MobileHelp Customer Training Presentation

Webinar Recordings and Presentations

Select Services, LifeStream 4.12 & Genesis DM 4.15 Webinar Archive 

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