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LifeStream v5.6 Point Release Deployed

LifeStream v5.6 is available immediately for all LifeStream Web users. The update features smoother navigation, clean graphing displays and an enhanced reporting engine, along with new user interface controls. The latest Agile software deployment ensures LifeStream utilizes a modern codebase, for optimal use on the latest and most common web browsers, providing you with a better overall experience. Our latest updates also include enhanced support for font size variation, for users with custom font/zoom settings, with improved page layout support.

While many of our changes are underneath the hood of LifeStream to modernize our codebase for future updates, we’re confident you’ll notice a few quality of life enhancements, including:

  • Lock icon present in the Patient Selection Window, indicating the record is in use.
  • Relocate patient functionality done automatically as part of editing and saving workflow.
  • Improved operations when sorting lists, searching data and choosing columns to display.
  • Shaded display of alert limits, with a new chart system allowing the user to focus on a single point and to display a different tool tip from when the user is focused on the series of data.
  • Subtitles may be enabled or disabled in the Video Education preview screen.
    Improved keyboard handling is provided by the new framework.
  • Improved Save, Discard and Cancel handling, supporting intuitive button navigation.

As a web-based software, all software updates are available immediately for all customers to utilize with no downloads required. If you haven’t yet upgraded to our LifeStream Web interface, we encourage you to contact your territory manager immediately for a live product demo.