Providing Telehealth and Remote Health Monitoring Solutions During COVID-19

Video Connects Care Providers with Patients

Our telehealth solutions enable daily wireless home health monitoring of at-risk patients facing chronic health conditions. From LifeStream, care providers may remotely check daily vital sign measurements, create disease-specific health assessments and visit patients at home with a video chat. Learn why telehealth services are increasingly being deployed across the country, and speak with a representative today about our complete telehealth solution.

Remote patient monitoring provides care at home and enables care providers to deliver clinical oversight at a distance for at-risk and general patient populations. It plays a vital role in the delivering care in the home when direct contact is contraindicated and minimizing exposure is essential. Patients can be engaged with remote patient monitoring without sacrificing quality care. It is a timely and efficient solution which is essential during times of crisis and as an everyday adjunct to in-person care delivery.

Providers use remote patient monitoring to trend biometric readings, assess symptoms, educate patient and family members and conduct video visits. Patients can be screened prior to accessing a healthcare setting for symptoms that may require further interventions. Our clinical platform allows the care provider to create assessment surveys and questionnaires that can be created to assess for signs and symptoms based on the most up to date information. Patients and caregivers can also be educated and attend personalized video visits to better understand their disease state and to be assessed if they are experiencing concerning symptoms.

If you are considering a telehealth program in order to help monitor and keep patients safe at home, you may find reassurance in knowing Resideo Life Care Solutions has been a provider of dedicated telehealth solutions for over 20 years. Our clinical experience is embedded in our solutions, and we are happy to work with you to understand more of your needs.

In addition to our LifeStream telehealth solutions, we can support your business with valuable services designed to make telemonitoring more efficient and cost effective:

  • Direct Ship – Pre-configured tablets and peripheral kits may be shipped directly to patients, with instructions to help get them started taking their first vital signs measurement.
  • Unlimited 24/7 Support – We offer a constant connection for care providers to quickly troubleshoot telehealth problems and get fast results.
  • Monitoring Services – Temporarily or permanently ramp up telehealth staff and remote monitoring capabilities during times of increased demand. We will work with you to determine the best procedures and support to meet your needs.
  • Flexible Subscription-Based Services – Flex your telehealth offering without the costs associated with managing equipment.

Remote patient monitoring can play an essential role in providing access to care for those who need it while maintaining the best practices around social distancing as it relates of COVID-19, and can aid in communicating updated news as new findings emerge.

Most of all, if you are considering telehealth, know that we’ve helped countless companies implement telehealth monitoring programs, and we’re here to help you.

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  • If you are looking for more information about COVID-19 and the most up to date information please visit the CDC website at: .
  • Over 20 years, organizations with growing telehealth programs frequently report on their ROI and positive health outcomes using our solutions. Consider a case study, and read our white paper on how Medicare reimbursement models support improved revenue potential for telehealth programs.

How Telehealth Provides the Bridge Between Patients and Healthcare Providers

In an environment where the desired end-result from both patients and healthcare providers is increased communication and continued medical oversight with patients after they are discharged from the hospital (or healthcare specialist), one key element of the solution is telehealth.

Telehealth solutions are the perfect companion to integrated healthcare delivery networks and ACOs because they have the same overarching goal: making healthcare delivery more efficient (i.e. bringing the right level of care to the patient at the right time) to reduce readmissions while simultaneously increasing quality of patient care.

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LifeStream: A Telehealth Platform that Could Transform Remote Care

Advancements in technology, legislation, and consumer behaviors over the last decade have set the stage for a new virtual healthcare model to emerge. Telehealth helps make it possible to provide a new level of care outside of traditional settings – keeping patients out of the hospital and in their own homes.

Provider organizations may now be looking to implement telehealth programs that increase efficiency, improve care coordination, reduce costs and result in better healthcare outcomes. Honeywell is addressing these needs by bringing remote patient monitoring solutions to the next level with integrated video visits as part of the latest LifeStream release.

Clinicians can now initiate and manage video visits directly from their LifeStream dashboard. Not only does this streamline clinical workflows but video communication helps reinforce and evaluate patient adherence to care plans. Clinicians can view visual indicators/symptoms of deteriorating health, evaluate medications and speak with family members and caretakers through video interaction. In addition, face-to-face conversations can often provide comfort and encouragement for patients, reducing feelings of isolation felt by chronically ill patients.

With the Resideo telehealth platform, software updates, troubleshooting and customer service come from the same source – Resideo – simplifying the overall user experience.

The LifeStream solution is also easily deployed, allowing clinicians to connect to large patient populations over long distances without placing a burden on organizational resources and IT staff. Most importantly, patients are empowered to work with their caregiver to achieve desirable clinical results.

Resideo Life Care Solutions is driving innovation with its video-based telehealth solutions designed to improve the quality of patients’ lives and reduce the overall cost of healthcare.

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Disease Management Through Telehealth


“Our executive leadership realized that we needed to do population health in a more cost effective way. They wanted to get out ahead of the curve to succeed under value based care,” said Josi DeHaven, RN, manager of ambulatory care coordination at the Goshen, Indiana-based community hospital.

The idea of establishing a new telehealth program with chronic disease patients began to emerge. The fact that the hospital’s telehealth equipment – which was being used in home health – was old and too expensive to maintain pushed the idea of purchasing new equipment to the front-burner. The organization began to look for a telehealth solution that could support both its existing home health program as well as chronic disease and population health initiatives that could be administered by Goshen Health’s Accountable Care Organization (ACO).


After reviewing proposals from several vendors, leaders chose to purchase 70 units (Resideo’s Genesis Touch) that collect and then transmit biometric data to the LifeStream, Resideo’s remote patient monitoring software that provides a single consolidated view of patient information enabling care providers to make informed, data-driven decisions. The devices also enable patients to conduct real-time online visits with caregivers through the videoconferencing function. With these units, the hospital can support its existing home health programs, as well as emerging chronic care and population health initiatives that are being administered via the ACO.

After identifying COPD patients as its initial patient population, clinicians developed a disease management program that could be administered through the telehealth equipment. The program consists of an initial home visit, daily remote vital signs monitoring and weekly videoconferencing. After fine-tuning the installation process and training the care coordinators on the use of the equipment, Goshen Health launched the initiative by enrolling 10 COPD patients in an eight week trial program.

During weekly video visits, ambulatory care coordinators in the ACO met with patients, counseled them about specific health challenges and provided education covering topics such as medication management, stress reduction and breathing techniques. In addition, if patients presented with specific problems, specialists such as physical therapists or dieticians were brought in to participate in the videoconferences as well.


“There were several occasions when I was not feeling well and through the telehealth visits, the nurses were able to catch it early enough,” Jim said. “By reviewing my vital signs and observing me during the telehealth visits, nurses would establish that I needed a medication change. They would work with the doctor and made sure I got it – and that would get my symptoms back under control. So, I could stay at home, instead of in the hospital.”

Keeping patients like Jim out of the hospital is precisely what Goshen Health is aiming to do with its innovative telehealth program. A look at how the initiative came to be, its early success and its future direction sheds light on not only how telehealth can help individual patients like Jim but on how such programs could become an integral component of successful population health initiatives.

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