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VNA Staff and Cardiologists Demonstrate Strategic Telehealth Deployment

A Heart & Vascular Program, by VNA staff and hospital cardiologists, established monitoring protocols & standards for all patients treated for CHF, including those who did not qualify for telemonitoring under Medicare guidelines. CHF readmission rates were reduced, demonstrating highly successful outcomes for participants.

In addition to improving outcomes, patients in the new Heart & Vascular program realized much more than simply a ticket out of the hospital. Through daily engagement with Honeywell’s telemonitoring solution, patients are encouraged to develop healthier habits.

Overall, the program has resulted in long-term sustainable changes to patient health while enabling patients to stay out of the hospital and enjoy the benefits of better health and well-being.

With the support of LifeStream, organizations like VNA of Rockford and Rockford Memorial Hospital, are developing solutions that address the needs of targeted patient groups.

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