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Honeywell HomMed Announces Its LifeStream Partners

Telehealth industry leader harnesses collective strengths of leading companies to create a substantive product offering platform

LAS VEGAS – February 20, 2012 – Honeywell (NYSE: HON) HomMed, a global leader in telehealth and remote patient care, today announced its LifeStream Partners – an expanding group of industry-leading companies Honeywell has collaborated with to create an enhanced service offering around its award-winning Genesis Touch™. Through its open development platform, the Genesis Touch has been the catalyst for creating the LifeStream Partner program, allowing Honeywell HomMed to leverage the strengths of the “best of the best” in their respective industries, and providing Honeywell customers with the support of unparalleled technology and resources.

“Honeywell HomMed has always sought out the best telehealth solutions to address not only the current needs of our customers, but their future pain points as well,” said Terry Duesterhoeft, president of Honeywell HomMed. “This collaboration with our LifeStream Partners facilitates product and service excellence by tapping into preeminent marketplace strengths, enabling us to improve the lives of our patients and their families through new products – like the Genesis Touch – while ensuring opportunities for growth in the future.”

Harnessing the Power: Patient Applications & Devices

Samsung Telecommications America, Inc.: Honeywell HomMed has partnered with industry giant Samsung Mobile to provide the Android-based tablet for its new Genesis Touch personal health device. The touch-based tablet was selected for its simplicity and intuitive interface, providing Honeywell customers with an easy-to-use mobile device.

Amaji: Honeywell has partnered with Amaji to aggregate its LifeStream-collected patient data with Amaji’s electronic medical record (EMR) application, to make patient data usable for myriad purposes at a remote point of care – in the home or beyond. It functions in cooperation with its AscendHIT application.

AscendHIT: Ascend provides the link between a hospital (HIS) and the in-home provider using the Amaji/HomMed technology platform. AscendHIT ensures all relevant hospital information flows to the Amaji platform to be available at the point of care for in-home providers. In addition, all relevant data from the remote care of the patient flows back to the HIS.

“Healthcare information from a remote patient is much too important to remain in a silo,” said Ben Spivey, CEO of Amaji. “For the benefit of patients, payers, and providers, this information must be captured and integrated into traditional data streams to be easily utilized by all members of the patient’s continuum of care.”

Fuze Meeting: Leveraging the open development platform of the Genesis Touch has allowed it to provide its customers with such critical applications as “video visits” – the ability for patients to connect with their healthcare providers through simplistic video conferencing by Fuze Meeting.

Connecting the Dots: Connectivity & Infrastructure

Verizon: Honeywell HomMed has partnered with Verizon to provide the 3G network that supports the connectivity between patients using the Genesis Touch and their healthcare providers. The strength of the networks ensures that there is always a connection – whenever and wherever patients need it.

Red Anvil: Honeywell HomMed has partnered with Red Anvil to provide HIPAA-compliant, top security for its Genesis Touch users, to assure the security of not only the patient’s healthcare data, but the physical device hardware as well.

“Working in tandem with this collective group of industry leaders has allowed Honeywell to introduce enhanced solutions that truly redefine telehealth, by providing our customers with the personal ‘touch’ of the best features and support system in the world,” said Duesterhoeft. “From any corner of the globe, patients will be able to securely capture, monitor and track their healthcare information, and interact with their healthcare providers in real-time.”

About Honeywell

Honeywell International (www.honeywell.com) is a Fortune 100 diversified technology and manufacturing leader, serving customers worldwide with aerospace products and services; control technologies for buildings, homes and industry; automotive products; turbochargers; and specialty materials. Based in Morris Township, N.J., Honeywell’s shares are traded on the New York, London, and Chicago Stock Exchanges. For more news and information on Honeywell, please visit www.honeywellnow.com.

About Honeywell HomMed

Honeywell HomMed is part of the Honeywell Automation and Control Solutions business group, a global leader in providing product and service solutions that improve efficiency and profitability, support regulatory compliance, and maintain safe, comfortable environments in homes, buildings and industry. For more information about Honeywell HomMed, please visit www.hommed.com.

About Amaji

Amaji Health Information Systems provides healthcare technologies and support systems optimized for the mobile provider. Technology and systems built for hospital ‘brick-and-mortar’ facilities are not as cost-effective or efficient when supporting mobile providers, especially the increasingly popular in-home primary care programs. Support for the mobile provider entails the replication of the activities of the physician office. Amaji provides a unique solution, comprised of a certified EMR, a staffed provider support center, and unmatched strategic partnerships providing integration with external data monitoring and EMR sources. For more information, please visit www.amaji.com.


ASCEND HiT LLC., a Chicago based division of Cyberpulse L.L.C., is a healthcare information technology company which leverages well over a decade of product development, field implementation experience, and vast clinical “know how” in cardiology healthcare and IT. ASCEND Connect enables a structured and coordinated discharge process that expands the spectrum of cardiac patient care from hospital to home by enabling bidirectional information flow between hospital and home based medical care providers. ASCEND Analytics provides actionable information to facilitate continuous improvement in the entire continuum of cardiac care. For more information, please visit www.ASCENDHiT.com.

About Samsung Telecommunications America

Samsung Telecommunications America, LLC, a Dallas-based subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., researches, develops and markets wireless handsets, wireless infrastructure and other telecommunications products throughout North America. For more information, please visit www.samsung.com.

About Verizon Wireless

Verizon Wireless operates the nation’s fastest, most advanced 4G network and largest, most reliable 3G network. The company serves 106.3 million total wireless connections, including 89.7 million retail customers. Headquartered in Basking Ridge, N.J., with 83,000 employees nationwide, Verizon Wireless is a joint venture of Verizon Communications (NYSE, NASDAQ: VZ) and Vodafone (LSE, NASDAQ: VOD). For more information, visit www.verizonwireless.com. To preview and request broadcast-quality video footage and high-resolution stills of Verizon Wireless operations, log on to the Verizon Wireless Multimedia Library at www.verizonwireless.com/multimedia.

About FuzeBox

FuzeBox is the global leader in real time visual collaboration applications for millions of end users across various businesses. Its applications – Fuze Meeting and Fuze Messenger allow people to communicate, collaborate and share content from any device, across any network, anywhere in the world. Fuze Meeting is a mobile and web-based collaboration service that features integrated audio conferencing as well as high-definition, synchronized video and image sharing. The company’s technology is based on a real-time visual communications platform that converges telephony, high-definition, synchronized video and image sharing across the enterprise, the web and mobile networks. FuzeBox has been awarded 24 patents and with 42 more pending in the fields of telephony, web and visual media technologies to transform how professionals and individuals communicate. For more information, please visit www.fuzebox.com.

About Red Anvil

Red Anvil is a leading provider of managed datacenter services with clients ranging from global enterprise to small business. Red Anvil combines cloud services, managed IT infrastructure, security and telecom/data network expertise to help organizations reposition IT from a cost center to a strategic resource.