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LifeStream Network

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  • Care Providers
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  • Our flexible, Android-based platform allows us to work with innovative companies that are leaders in what they do, and this gives us several advantages:

    • Honeywell is able to rapidly innovate/introduce new applications and services
    • Our industry leading products are built by collaborating with industry leaders

    In addition to the innovative applications that we are bringing to market, we’ve sourced products/services from market leading organizations to bring the best products and services to you at the lowest cost.

    Learn more about our current collaborators

  • Honeywell Life Care Solutions offers a wide variety of services and support to care providers within our network.

    Honeywell Life Care Solutions products and services are available through a robust network of Care Providers throughout the US and Canada.

    Top Performing Care Providers are recognized for their commitment to telehealth and ongoing collaboration with Honeywell Life Care Solutions.

  • Our network is always growing. We look to work with care providers, developers, product manufactures and infrastructure providers to continue to provide innovative cost efficient home healthcare solutions.

    Honeywell is actively seeking products, and services that can work interoperable with our LifeStream Solutions platform.

    If you would like information on how to become a collaborator, please send your contact information, and product overview to hommed.marketing@honeywell.com