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Genesis Telemonitor – Targeted Solution

Genesis is no longer in service or for sale. The Genesis Touch is our latest monitor. The following information is provided for informational purposes only.

Life Care Solutions has been providing telehealth solutions for 20 years. This legacy Genesis monitor first established our Genesis telehealth monitor line, and it measured heart rate, blood pressure, weight and asks subjective disease-related questions to provide a more complete picture of the individual’s health. It automatically prompts in-home users when it’s time to take their vital signs through voice or text communication, and it can accommodate multiple medical peripherals such as a glucose meter or PT/INR device.

The Genesis telemonitor allowed clinicians to focus on a particular disease state; it’s extremely compact (weighing less than two pounds); it comes with a scale, blood pressure cuff, and oxygen sensor, and data is transmitted via phone line. Genesis is a fast, cost-efficient solution for meeting the individual needs of patients and their caregivers and is a FDA Class II hospital grade medical device.

Because it was customizable and automatically notifies in-home patients when it’s time to take their vital signs, the Genesis Monitor helped in situations where patients with very specific chronic or acute conditions need to be monitored closely. Having the ability to add peripherals allows clinicians to design a targeted monitoring program and to develop care plans specific to each patient, regardless of the situation or disease.

Each day, up to 4 times a day, a friendly voice and easy-to-use interface guided patients through the monitoring process. With the push of a button, a manual function also allows in-home measurements to be taken. Also, if the user fails to respond, or if any of his or her information falls outside pre-set parameters, the system automatically alerts the local healthcare agency conducting the monitoring. The Genesis Monitor supports care management 7 days a week and allows clinicians to administer pre-emptive care, so that hospital stays and emergency room visits can be avoided.

It is from these roots that our Genesis Touch monitor comes from.

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