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Peripherals & Accessories

Resideo Life Care Solutions supports several industry-trusted peripheral devices to remotely monitor biometrics and vital signs.

Introducing the Welch Allyn wireless scale and blood pressure cuff.

With the same attention to quality that Welch Allyn offers professional customers, they’re now bringing physician-trusted solutions to the home. The Welch Allyn Home™ Blood Pressure Monitor and Weight Scale will now be offered as standard peripherals with Resideo Life Care Solution’s Genesis Touch remote patient monitoring solution.

  • Genesis Touch
  • Genesis DM
  • Photo of Welch Allyn Blood Pressure Monitor
    Welch Allyn Blood Pressure Monitor

    For use with all Genesis Touch monitors.

    • Accurate SureBP™ technology captures readings on inflation in as few as 20 seconds
    • Standard wide cuff (included) accommodates most arm sizes (8.75-16.5 in., 22-42 cm)—extra-small and extra-large sizes also available as a separate purchase
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    Photo of Welch Allyn Wireless Scale
    Welch Allyn Wireless Scale

    For use with all Genesis Touch monitors.

    • High capacity – up to 441 lbs. (200 kg)
    • Sense-on technology turns on when you first step onto the scale
    • No-slip surface
    • Carpet feet help provide a more accurate read when used on the carpet
    • Display weight in either pounds or kilograms
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    Photo of Contec CMS50EW SpO2
    Contec CMS50EW SpO2

    A color display with adjustable brightness settings ensures it is easily seen and read. An auto turn-off function and rechargeable batteries help keep this device powered longer. Plus, proprietary pairing capability offers a secure Bluetooth connection. This device is no longer offered with new kits.

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    Photo of Entra Health Systems MyGlucoHealth
    Entra Health Systems MyGlucoHealth

    An all-in-one device for the transmission of blood glucose levels to the Genesis Touch. MyGlucoHealth may send glucose readings without the need for an adapter.  Auto-verification, low sample size, a 2000 test battery life and a three-second test time make the MyGlucoHealth glucometer a user-friendly choice.

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    Photo of Nonin Onyx II 9560 SpO2
    Nonin Onyx II 9560 SpO2

    This high-end spO2 Bluetooth device is best paired with a Genesis Touch, and meets the needs of the widest range of individuals with the most acute monitoring needs. This highly durable pulse oximeter features a fixed LED display, replaceable batteries and an auto on/off function. It provides continuous SPO2 monitoring.

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    Photo of Nonin 3230
    Nonin 3230

    Now available in new monitoring kits.

    The Nonin 3230 pulse oximeter features algorithms specifically designed for patients with challenging conditions, from small to large fingers, good to low perfusion, and dark to light skin tones.

    Easy-to-read large display
    Long battery life
    Improper finger placement feedback
    Tested for accuracy in motion
    Drop-tested for durability
    SpO2 Accuracy +/-2 digits

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    Photo of Wireless Adaptor - Glucometers
    Wireless Adaptor - Glucometers

    Connect to a variety of glucometers for more patient needs with a wireless bluetooth adapter. This adapter is an easy and inexpensive way to wirelessly transmit data from the traditional glucose meters listed below to the Bluetooth-enabled Genesis Touch. All adapters come with a patient instruction pamphlet and clinical support.

    • Bayer Contour next EZ
    • Bayer Contour
    • J&J One Touch Ultra
    • J&J One Touch Ultra 2
    • J&J One Touch Ultra Mini

    *Order glucometers directly from the manufacturer.

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  • Photo of Glucometers

    Honeywell Life Care Solutions provides interface cables to the following Roche glucometers, for use with the Genesis DM monitor:

    • ACCU-Chek Nano
    • ACCU-Chek Aviva Plus
    • ACCU-Chek Compact Plus
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    Photo of Wireless Bridge Modem
    Wireless Bridge Modem

    Our cellular bridge modem offers robust flexibility and is suitable for pairing with the Genesis DM monitor while freeing the COM A port . Deciding which modem is best for you? Click here to access the Modem Guide, from the Genesis DM manuals page.

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    Photo of HomMed Scale
    HomMed Scale

    Available in regular (wired) and Bluetooth (wireless) versions, the HomMed scale works with all Genesis monitors. The scale has a capacity of 500lbs (227kg) and collects weight using four load cells uniquely designed into the scale eliminating the need for “special leveling procedures,” which also allows the scale to be moved between uses. The scale can operate in battery mode, on AC power, or can be connected directly to the Genesis DM and connected to the Genesis Touch via Bluetooth.  

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