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Streamline Care Coordination

Improve Outcomes

Resideo Life Care Solutions is helping clinicians improve patient outcomes by providing them with daily visibility and insight into their patient’s health through the LifeStream Telehealth Platform. Our offering facilitates opportunities for care givers to monitor large remote patient populations and pro-actively intervene through video visits or phone calls, before patient’s conditions become more serious.
Our Platform is made up of three components:

Genesis Touch

Genesis Touch enables patients to stay connected to their caregivers while remaining in their own home. It is an intuitive, tablet-based remote patient monitor that makes it easy for patients to collect their own biometrics, answer condition-specific questions and easily connect with care-givers through video visit technology.

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Key Features

Improve patient oversight with face-to-face contact while lowering the cost of interaction with hard-to-reach patients

Care providers may customize their patient experience with multiple languages

Increase patient engagement with self-guided questions and reminders

Improve compliance and adoption with simple, intuitive user interface

“There were several times when I was not feeling well and through telehealth visits the nurses were able to help. By reviewing my vital signs and observing me through telehealth visits, my nurses worked with my physician to change my medication and got my symptoms back under control. Best of all, I was able to stay at home where I want to be rather than going back to the hospital.”

LifeStream Clinical Monitoring Dashboard

LifeStream provides clinicians with an easy, comprehensive telehealth management offering, so they can concentrate on delivering the highest quality of care. LifeStream has:

Customizable User Interface – Care providers and IT specialists may modify how they view and work with patient telemonitoring data.

Reporting – Several reports come standard with LifeStream and are easy to create and export. For more detailed reporting, an add on feature is available.

Workflow Optimization – Manage patients across multiple organizations in a single session.

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Key Features

Manage the health status of all monitored patients from a single dashboard

Receive alerts when data falls outside of established parameters

Remotely program monitor settings, parameter limits, and question sets

Initiate video visits directly from the clinician dashboard

Clinical Services

Resideo Life Care Solutions offers training via its nation-wide clinical consultants to ensure that telehealth programs are meeting rigorous quality standards. Resideo’s clinical consulting is designed to guide an organization through the planning, deployment and ongoing optimization of their telehealth program implementation to ensure operational sustainability and excellence.

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Key Features

Resideo provides flexible options for device acquisition based on budget and infrastructure requirements

Care providers at a centrally staffed nurse call center review biometric data and take actions according to a set of evidence-based protocols

Patients will receive personalized education by Registered Nurses about their condition

We will track outcomes, clinical and operational effi ciencies, patient satisfaction, and program effectiveness to demonstrate the value of telehealth