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Webinar: Improving the Efficiency of Care With Telehealth


You are invited to view our webinar recording, with guest speaker, Kelly Gariando, RN, Telehealth Monitoring Specialist, from MultiCare Health Systems of Washington. Learn more details about how their team has improved care efficiency while growing their telehealth program.

As described in our case study, MultiCare’s program has reported positive results in reducing 30-day readmission rates for both heart failure and COPD. These readmission rates also compare favorably with national COPD hospital readmission rates. 

This webinar was hosted by Michelle Hirst, RN, BSN, Honeywell’s Director of Clinical Operations. A Q&A following the webinar has been included in the webinar recording. If you have any questions about our telehealth solutions, we encourage you to request a demo to speak with a clinical representative.